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NellcomTechnologies_hero-shadow About Nellcom Technologies' Expert Computing and IT Help

In 2004, Nellcom Technologies opened its doors in response to a genuine need around New Castle. Whether for entertainment at home, or communication at work, daily activities are increasingly dependent on computers and the internet.


Trouble is, you probably aren't a trained IT tech. So when something goes haywire, you need someone who can identify root causes and fix the real problem lurking below the symptoms. That's what we're here for — to be your support staff.

Technology should serve you, not the reverse

5-star computer help where and how you need it

Trust Nellcom Technologies for real answers to your toughest IT problems: printing, file storage, networking ... even seemingly dead PCs. Computers never freeze when you have extra time. So if you need some troubleshooting, we have 3 great options.


• Bring your problematic equipment directly to our New Castle office.

• Schedule a time for a Nellcom specialist to visit your office or home.

• With permission, we often can correct PC problems by internet remote control.

We speed up slow PCs.


About Nellcom Technologies' Expert Computing and IT Help

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